Wood Prairie Farm Gardening Catalog Review

Fingerling potatoes are narrow little tubers shaped like fingers or crescents and have colorful names like Swedish Peanut, Rose Finn Apple and Russian Banana.

Fingerling Potatoes BlogWhen I posed the question to readers about their favorite seed catalogs, I learned about the Wood Prairie Farm in Maine from TheYarden’s LaManda Joy.

She mentioned she likes the Wood Prairie Farm catalog for its graphics, but she loves the potatoes, too.

Wood Prairie Farm is a family farm in the small town of Bridgewater in the northeastern corner of the state, population 612.

All of its food and seed items are certified organically grown, with most of the crops grown right there on the farm.

The farm has a lot to offer, but organic gardeners will certainly appreciate that owners Jim and Megan Gerritsen have signed the Safe Seed Pledge to not buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants.

I visited the web site and instead of ordering a paper catalog, I downloaded the catalog as a PDF. It’s easy to see why LaManda Joy likes the folksy hand-drawn graphics and product descriptions. It’s a catalog that’s a lot of fun to read.

The catalog features unique gift ideas, gourmet potatoes to use in the kitchen, organic vegetables and organic spouting seeds in addition to its organic garden seed and certified seed potatoes for the garden.

I read in the catalog that first-time customers get $5 off their first order over $35 and that every order of potatoes includes a potato recipe booklet.

Something I appreciate about the catalog is the helpful explanation it offers about potato texture and why it’s important to match potato texture to recipes. Now I know why some potatoes turn mealy when cooked.

Another thing I like about the catalog is the easy-to-read table of all the seed potatoes, from early season to fingerlings to late season varieties. Early potatoes, like Reddale, Yukon Gold and King Harry, would work well in my garden.

The table is color-coded and includes important potato characteristics, like maturity, size of tubers and ease of growing, to help make ordering easier.

I love it when readers like LaManda Joy share their favorite resources with me. If you have a seed catalog you’d like me write about, will you please let me know?


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I LOVE Wood Prairie Farms. Lovely people and great potatoes. Grew a sampler last year and they were spectacular.

Thanks for your feedback on Wood Prairie Farms. I’m so glad to hear you had a good experience with the sampler. I really love it when I discover a new resource from fellow gardeners.

I have grown Wood Prairie potatoes going on three years and they are great! The seed potatoes show up healthy and produce lovely offspring. The people up north are always ready with some advice on planting and tending so that helps for your first time potato garden. Ordered 30 pounds for this spring and plan on more. Love the rose gold and carola.

It looks like Wood Prairie Farm potatoes are really popular! You’re growing 30 pound of potatoes? Wow. I’m looking forward to my first crop.

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