Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Hall of Fame

Welcome to the
Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Hall of Fame!

What started as a silly way to recognize a major milestone has turned into an annual celebration of the kooky, crazy and oddly delightful vegetables that surprise us when we find them in our gardens.

Since its humble beginnings in 2009, gardeners from around the globe submit pictures of their Weird Veggies for the yearly contest.

I’ve received entries from as far away as Perth, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Sometimes I get pictures long before the contest officially gets underway.

Gardeners share pictures of intertwined carrots, eggplants with noses (and private parts), winking tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables that show off Mother Nature’s sense of humor.

Here are the winners and the best of the rest of the bunch:

Loch Ness Cucumber Weird Veggie Winner in 2009

2009 The Loch Ness Cucumber, grown by Ron Doyle, Denver, Colo.


Carrot Pants winner of Weird Veggie Contest in 2010

2010 Carrot Pants, grown by MJ Blanchette


Love Apple Weird Veggie Winner 2011

2011 Love Apple, grown by Carrie Fritz of New Prague, Minn.,


Angel Lime Weird Veggie winner 2012

2012, Angel Lime, grown by Jason Wold of Campbell, Calif.


=Nosiest Eggplant Weird Veggie winner 2013

2013 Winner, The Nosiest Eggplant, grown by Ashley Grabb, Boulder, Colorado


Happy Hugging Carrots Weird Veggie Winner 2014

2014 Winner, Happy Hugging Carrots, grown by Shannon Price, Lonsdale, Minnesota


Weird Veggie Winner

2015 winner, Oh yea, I’m hot, grown by Ty Ridenour,
Lebanon, Indiana


2016 Winner, Friendly Alien Apple, grown
by Rena DeMello, Corvallis, Oregon

Best of the Rest, runners up from previous contests:

Tomato Grinch Weird Veggie

Tomato Grinch, Amy Lambert, Minnesota


Weird parsnip squeezing beetroot

The Tight Grip (Parsnip squeezing a beetroot) by Lady Suzanne Levy United Kingdom


Tomato de Bergerac, Rini Georgekutty, Kingstown, Rhode Island

Tomato de Bergerac, Rini Georgekutty,
Kingstown, Rhode Island

Plumber's crack tomato

Plumber’s Crack Tomato grown by Lara Herndon, Huntington Beach, Calif.


Siamese cucumber weird veggie

Siamese Cucumber by Julie Kurose, Norwalk, Conn.


rumpkin weird veggie

Rumpkin, Kelly Hines Keller, Berthoud, Colo.


Dueling carrot weird veggie

Duel, grown by Rick Eichhorn, of Colorado


Winking tomato weird veggie

Winking Black Krim grown by Connie Sung Moyle


Claw carrot weird veggie

The Claw, Amy Grisak of Great Falls, Mont


Running radish weird veggie

Rascally Running Radish, Linda Crago of Ontario, Canada


Weird sweet potato

Sweet Potato Bug grown by David Hawkins


Pomegranate weird veggie

Identical Twins, Angela Doggett Scott, Vestavia Hills, Alabama


Weird veggie tomato

Latin Teacher Look Alike, by Alessandra Marcellan Thor


World's Ugliest Carrot weird veggie

The World’s Ugliest Carrot, by Alison Stoven O’Connor, Windsor, Colo.


Dontut Tomato weird veggie

Donut Tomato, grown by Kristin Crouch, Canada


Carrot butt weird veggie

Carrot Bum, grown by Laurel Hounslaw, Canada

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