Weird veggie and funny fruit contest

Help celebrate my 100th blog post with a Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Contest. Here’s my best effort–a cherry tomato that looks like the late comedian Buddy Hackett.

buddy-hackett-tomato-blogHave you ever grown a potato that looks like Mickey Mouse or a carrot that resembles a hippo? Ever seen an apple shaped like a duck or picked a heart-shaped raspberry?

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of vegetable and fruit anomalies. Mother Nature’s sense of humor shows through when she tinkers with the growing environment just enough to create odd-shaped fruits and veggies.

So, let’s have a contest! I want to find the strangest looking vegetable or fruit that you’ve either grown in your garden or found at a local farmer’s market.

The winner will receive a signed, hardcover copy of the New York Time’s best seller, “Wicked Plants: A Book of Botanical Atrocities,” by Amy Stewart.

To enter the contest…send a digital photo of your crazy-looking produce to between now and September 4. I’ll post the photos and one will be selected as a winner by someone who truly appreciates nature’s oddities. The winning entry will be announced here on September 8. The contest is open to any gardener residing in the U.S.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the funny food pictures at the Museum of Food Anomalies website.

Start looking for the weird and wonderful in your garden…and please pass it on.


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This is an awesome idea—I’ve submitted my photo to you!

Thanks, Ron. Your entry is exactly what I’m looking for–creative and laugh-out-loud funny.

Do you still have a contest for a weird tomato?

Hi Johnie:

Thanks for dropping by to ask about the Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit contest. And the answer is yes! The contest runs during the month of August, so if you have a weird tomato just take a digital picture and send it to with your name and city/state. I’ll hang onto it for the judging.

Can’t wait to see it!

Thanks again for thinking about the contest–I look forward to it every year.

please contact me about how to enter. I have the weirdest eggplant you have ever seen,sort of like the tomato on the cover page,but much more define. thank you.TM

Hi Tom:

Please take a digital picture of your weird eggplant and email it to me at The contest runs August 1-31 and I’ll hold onto it until the judging begins.

Looking forward to it!

I sent in a photo just now. I can’t wait to see all the entries.

Thanks a bunch, Kathy! I’m just getting all the contest details finalized, so please stay tuned…


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