101 Ways to Save Water & $$ in the Landscape

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Experts say that up to 60% of household water is used outdoors to water lawns and gardens. Of that water, 40 to 50% of it is wasted because of poor sprinkler system design, maintenance, and management.

Just think of all that wasted water!

If you care about saving water—and saving money on your utility bills—then sign up to download my free guide of 101 Ways to Save Water and $$ in the Landscape. You’ll discover new ways to reduce the amount of water you use outdoors and save money in the process.

My gardening guide of “101 Ways to Save Water and $$ in the Landscape” is loaded with tips from rainwater harvesting methods to proven practices promoted by water conservation experts. It even includes ways I coped with mandatory outdoor watering restrictions during times of drought.

My “101 Ways to Save Water and $$ in the Landscape” guide gives cool ideas for…

  • Using clay pot irrigation for hard-to-water areas
  • Planting vegetables in waffle gardens
  • Grouping plants by their water needs
  • Using new technology to control sprinkler systems
  • Mulching with gravel to pull rainwater into the soil

…and many other easy-to-implement ideas for conserving water and saving money at the same time.

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