17 Ways to Get your Garden Growing…even if it’s baking in the Western Sun

By Jodi Torpey

There’s never been a better time to be a gardener in the West. Global warming, changing climactic conditions, limited resources and increasing food costs present challenges and opportunities for those willing to plant a seed, start a compost pile, recycle lawn clippings and discover new approaches to sustainable landscaping.

Would you like to join in?

Then you’ll benefit from my new eBook that covers 17 important topics that every Western gardener needs to know. 17 Ways to Get Your Garden Growing is based on my many years of gardening in a difficult climate, research from my master gardener training program and information I’ve gleaned by talking with horticulture experts throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

This eBook is for gardeners of all levels—from beginners to those with years of experience, but who could always use an extra tip or two.

You’ll gain how-to’s for everything from starting from seed to finding ways to put extra produce to use; planting trees to planting for pollinators.

There are tips for…

  • Thrifty ways to start a vegetable garden
  • Ideas for how to implement an organic lawn care program
  • Ways to practice sustainable landscaping principles
  • The how-to’s of Integrated Pest Management

The 17 Ways eBook also includes…

  • How to cultivate your brown thumb
  • Ways to start planting from seed
  • Three important questions to ask before getting started
  • How to match plants to their planting site and much more…

You’ll find out how to choose the right tree for the right spot, how to take a microclimate inventory and tips for growing a healthy lawn.

With 17 Ways to Get Your Garden Growing you’ll benefit from a checklist of ways to simply garden smarter.

This eBook will help your garden get off to a great start this season—all for only $4.95!

Purchase through the button above and download your copy of the 17 Ways to Get Your Garden Growing eBook Instantly!

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