Watering Rocks Solve Key Gardening Problem

My “Best Of” gardening selection at the 2012 ProGreen industry tradeshow is a new portable drip irrigation system called Watering Rocks.

There were a lot of new gardening products featured at ProGreen last week, but one of my favorites is a low-tech portable watering system called Watering Rocks.

Each Watering Rock is a self-contained drip irrigation system. Just place the rock in a part of the garden that’s difficult to water and fill the container with water.

Water will slowly seep from the rock into drip lines and adjustable drippers to water plants deeply. Watering Rocks are available in one-gallon, two-gallon and five-gallon sizes.

Gardeners fill the Watering Rocks by placing a hose in the holes at the top of the rock or they can connect an existing drip irrigation system for automatic filling. The amount of water can be adjusted to match plant needs.

Another handy feature is that liquid or soluble plant food can be added to the water for automatic fertilizing, too.

Watering Rocks have a natural rock-like appearance so they’ll blend right into the garden. When empty, they weigh less than real rocks.

I think this is a great watering system for any gardener who has a low-water xeriscape and wants to conserve water in the garden (like me). I plan on trying Watering Rocks in several hard-to-water parts of my perennial garden this summer and may add one to my vegetable garden, too.

Watering Rocks would be helpful to keep newly-planted trees and shrubs watered. Gardeners could also these drip systems to help with watering chores while on vacation.

Jim Whitis told me he’s been experimenting with ways to get water to hard-to-reach parts of his landscape for the last four years. He said he tried a number of inventions before he perfected both the looks and action of the Watering Rocks system.

He also designed a spin-off product called Rock Pots, a watering system for container gardens.

Jim said he’s unable to ship Watering Rocks at this time, but there are Denver metro area garden centers that will stock a limited supply during the gardening season, such as Creekside Gardens, Nick’s Garden Center, O’Toole’s, Elliott Gardens, Pine Lane Garden Center (Parker) and Gulley Greenhouse (Fort Collins).

For more information about Watering Rocks and Rock Pots contact Jim at 720-840-4093, email jcpjenterprises@gmail.com or visit the JCPJ Enterprises website.


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What a great idea. Any idea about the cost of these?

Hi Elizabeth:

Thanks for the question about the Watering Pots. Because ProGreen is an industry tradeshow, I saw only the wholesale prices, so I’m sorry I don’t have the retail prices. I’d suggest calling some of the local garden centers that stock them and ask about pricing.


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