Want to see a 2-pound Tomato?

The seeds for this Giant Belgium tomato were a free gift with my order from Tomato Growers Supply earlier this year.

giant-belgium-blogOne of my big (really big) gardening successes this season was growing a tomato that weighed almost 2 pounds. 1 pound, 14 ounces to be exact.

It’s the biggest tomato I’ve ever grown.

I think it would have grown larger if it weren’t for the cool, wet weather we had early in the season.

The plant got a late start, but as soon as the weather started to warm, it really took off.

The Giant Belgium was one of the first heirloom tomatoes that Tomato Growers Supply sold in the 1980s, according to its website.

Tomatoes of this variety can grow to 5 pounds, but 2 is about average. I’ve heard that some gardeners make wine from these because they’re so sweet.

The plant grew to be about 5 feet tall. When I saw there were 4 good-sized tomatoes going, I cut the top off the plant and started pinching off the new blossoms so all the plant’s energy would be directed to growing these babies.

I haven’t decided the best way to put my Giant Belgiums to use. Should I set up the tomato press to make tomato sauce? Or perhaps prepare them the easy way by roasting?

No¬† matter what I decide, I’ll always remember how much fun it was to watch these tomatoes grow. I’m definitely trying for a 5-pounder next year.

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Holy ketchup, Jodi! That love apple is HUGE. We had a Kazakhstan tomato that got to be 1 lb 7 oz and I thought that was pretty large. Let me know how it tastes – I’m curious about those big ones. Ours was ok but a bit watery so I don’t think I’ll grow it next year.

BUT our big success was growing Green Doctors cherry tomatoes. Oh, truly, a delight for the tongue.

I only got a few tomatoes this year because it was so cool and wet. And they did not taste so great…I’m just trying to visualize the size of that tomato in my hands…it must be gargantuan…you could maybe carve it like a pumpkin…I hope it tasted good-

Ha! I hadn’t thought of carving it like a pumpkin. These are supposed to be sweet enough to make wine–we’ll see.

Incredible! Did the plant produce well overall? You’ll have to let us know how it tastes. I grew ‘Goliath’ in an attempt to grow a monster, but wasn’t impressed. I’ll have to remember this one for next year.

It was a lot of fun to try to grow an extra-large tomato. My plant was on its way to producing a good tomato crop, but I kept clipping off the new tomatoes and flowers so I could have 4 good-sized ones. Growing giant fruit can become an obsession, just ask any of the giant pumpkin growers who started by growing them “just for fun.”

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