Tropical Plants Perfect for Colorado Gardens


Musa basjoo is also called Hardy Banana and can be grown in Zone 4.

Wouldn’t you love to look out your window and see a tropical plant growing there? That may seem like a dream to Colorado gardeners, but there are some cold-hardy tropicals that can survive Zone 5 winters.

The Musa basjoo is a Hardy Banana available from Logee’s Tropical Plants.  With proper siting and mulching in winter, this plant can withstand temperatures below zero. Logee’s representatives say this is an extremely vigorous banana that can grow several feet in one season or can be grown as a container specimen.

There are other cold-hardy tropicals that can tolerant colder climates like ours. If you can re-create the conditions of Zone 6 with microclimates, you might also be able to grow Jasminum officinale (Hardy Jasmine), Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’ edible fig, Passiflora incarnata ‘Maypop’ Passion Flower and Gardenia jasminoides ‘Frostproof’ gardenia.

The folks at Logee’s say it’s time to try something new in our backyards. What do you think?

Anyone willing to give a Hardy Banana a try and report back to us?


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Have tried these multiple times in Denver. Microclimate areas, heavily mulched. If the cold doesn’t kill them, the blazing sun actually does too. Not worth the disappointment.

Yes, we have some tough gardening conditions around here. Sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed in the past.

Thanks for letting me know,

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