Tough Plants for Dry Gardens

Plants have to be tough to survive in my no-water garden.

ice-plant-blogAlthough you couldn’t tell by the storms we’ve had over the last few days, rainfall can be scarce around here in spring and summer. That’s why I started a no-water garden bed in one corner of my front yard.

This bed faces south and gets full sun most of the day. To grow here, plants have to be able to survive on only natural precipitation because I rarely water this bed.

My no-water garden helps me balance my need for colorful blooms with the need to conserve water in my landscape. Last June I planted two Mesa Verde ice plants I picked up at the Plant Select annual meeting to test their endurance.

The plants start as mats of succulent, evergreen leaves and yesterday I noticed that one plant is blooming. Its salmon-pink flowers have a shiny, almost iridescent quality to them.

Ice plants are native to South Africa, but they grow just fine in xeriscapes around here. Plant Select introduced this perennial into the garden trade in 2002. Other varieties have flowers in colors from yellow to purple.

This is just one of the many plants that can survive on meager amounts of precipitation, but still produce beautiful blooms throughout the growing season. I’ll let you know about the other plants in my no-water garden as they come into bloom.

Please let us know about your favorite no-water plant.


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