Top Tomatoes for Gardening

I asked and gardeners answered. Here’s a list of their top tomato recommendations for planting this season.

Every year I plant a dozen or more new-to-me tomato varieties in my garden. But with hundreds of delicious tomato choices, I needed help narrowing my selections. So in November I asked gardeners on my blog to help me decide by giving me a list of their favorite tomatoes to grow.

I asked for gardeners’ top tomato recommendations in three categories:

Best medium-to-large tomato
Best small or cherry tomato
Most flavorful tomato

Twenty-six gardeners answered the call and gave me plenty of tomatoes to think about. I thought you might like to see the list, in case you’re looking for some new tomato varieties to add to your gardening efforts this season.

When choosing tomato varieties, keep in mind the number of days to maturity. Some areas (like those here in Zone 5) have shorter growing seasons than other areas. That means gardeners in short-season climates have fewer frost-free days for gardening. The less time it takes for tomatoes to reach maturity (like 60-80 days), the better chance tomatoes will ripen before the gardening season ends.

Last year I grew 12 different tomato varieties and wrote reviews about the large tomatoes and cherry tomatoes I grew.

Here are the top tomato recommendations gardeners shared with me:

Medium-to-large Tomatoes
Paul Robeson
Big Rainbow
Orange Russian
Kellogg’s Breakfast
Rose de Berne
Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Mama Mia
Caspian Pink
Dad’s Sunset
Eva’s Purple Ball

Small or Cherry Tomato
Sweet 100
Chocolate Cherry
Isis Candy
Super Snow Whites
Sweetie Pie

Most Flavorful
Black Krim
Black from Tula
Black Prince
German Queen
San Marzano
Ananis Noir
Golden Queen
Lemon Boy
Special Roman
Aunt Anna
Viva Italia
Fourth of July
Jaune Flammee

If you have a favorite tomato you’d like to recommend, please add it here!



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