Tomato Growers Supply Gardening Review

Tomato Growers Supply Company sent the seeds for my Giant Belgium tomatoes as a free bonus offer for ordering last year. This nearly two-pound tomato lived up to its name.

Giant Belgium blogIf tomatoes are the most popular “vegetable” grown in home gardens, then the Tomato Growers Supply Company catalog must be one of the top catalogs in the country.

Although technically a fruit, tomatoes are grown as a vegetable and just about every gardener I know will go to great lengths to ensure a hearty tomato crop.

Tomato Growers Supply Company is based in Fort Myers, Fla., and carries about 400 varieties of tomatoes, including 10 new varieties for 2010. Despite its name, the Tomato Growers Supply catalog also carries many kinds of peppers, eggplants and tomatillos, too.

Last season I ordered 1 packet of Poblano peppers and 5 kinds of tomato seeds: Marianna’s Peace, Green Zebra, Sprite, Black Cherry and Paul Robeson.

What I really appreciate about the Tomato Growers catalog is the way it’s divided into “seasons.” This makes ordering easy, because gardeners can select varieties for early, mid-season or late season. Specialty tomato plants, organized by color helps with selecting black, green, orange, white, yellow or bi-color tomatoes.

Seed collections are available to help gardeners who can’t make up their minds on what to order. The Heirloom Tomato Collection is a sampler of customers’ favorites and includes seeds for an early season, oxheart, beefsteak, paste, bi-color and black tomato.

New varieties this year include Better Bush, Lemon Cherry, Marmara, Supersweet 100, Red Robin and Mr. Underwood’s Pink German Giant. This year gardeners who order $12 worth of seeds will get a free packet of Early Wonder tomatoes.

Speaking of the seed packets, I have to say these won’t win any design contests. The black-and-white generic-looking packets are practical and have the necessary descriptive information about the plant and number of days to maturity, but no planting or growing instructions. Fortunately, both the catalog and website provide warm, glowing photos and mouth-watering descriptions of each finished fruit.

Like its seed packets, the company’s website is straightforward and easy to navigate for ordering seeds, books and tomato-growing equipment and supplies.

From my experience, I received my order quickly and had plenty of time (6-8 weeks) to get my seeds started indoors for a late May transplanting.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know that black tomatoes are my weakness. What’s your favorite tomato to grow?


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Tomato Grower’s Supply is a wonderful source, as is Totally Tomatoes. Since there was such a rush on seeds last year, do you think we should order now?

January is definitely the time to order seeds for a couple of reasons–you can find exactly what you want, but also to help pass the long, cold days waiting for Spring. I’ll check out Totally Tomatoes, even though I’ve already run out of planting space!

I have had great success with all the tomato seeds that I ordered from TGSC especially the Chapman tomatoes

Thanks for your comment and the recommendation for growing Chapman tomatoes–I’ve never tried that variety.

I operate a small market garden/farm in Chapel Hill NC. I order all of my tomatoes from Tomato Growers Supply. I always get exactly what I order and generally get it 3-5 days faster than I expect. Their products are outstanding and I get more than 90% germination. I really appreciate the description of the products and it has really helped with management and planning.

I am looking for a really white tomato. Years ago (over 30) I grew tomatoes that were pure white on the outside and a silvery white inside and they were a beef stake type of tomato, very good!

Hi Connie:

One year I grew a Great White tomato (from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)–you might want to give that variety a try.

Thanks for your question,

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