Three Watering Days is Plenty in Denver

green-lawn-blogLawns in Denver do just fine with three days of watering each week.

Homeowners in Denver learned today that rules for watering will be extended to Oct. 1 instead of ending on August 31. And that’s just fine with me.

My small peanut-shaped front lawn requires less water because of its size, but also because I’m a bit lazy when it comes to dragging the hose around the yard. Denver Water’s rules of limiting watering to three days a week also don’t bother me and I never water between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. anyway.

But that’s not the case in my Green Valley Ranch neighborhood. I have one neighbor who breaks nearly every watering rule all summer long. First, he waters every day–whether the lawn needs it or not. This means he sets his irrigation system once in the spring and then turns it off in the fall instead of adjusting it to meet watering rules or weather conditions.

In addition, he allows water to pool in the gutters, he wastes water by letting it spray on the sidewalk, and he lets the irrigation run while the wind is blowing.

It’s not as if all that extra water actually makes a difference in the lush look of his lawn–it doesn’t. When it comes to lawn care, our lawns look equally green and well-tended. The only difference is that I’ve chosen to follow the watering rules and also kept my water bills low in the process.

Lawns really don’t need as much water as people think. In fact, less water is better for the turf, because it helps build a deep root system.

Anyone else have to deal with irrigation outlaws in their neighborhood?


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This is great! My irrigation guy is coming out next week and I wasn’t sure what to tell him before he set up my sprinkler system timing. And saving on my water bill is a plus. Thanks for the info!

Thanks, Jane. I appreciated hearing from you and I’m glad to have been of help. It may be another hot and dry summer, so you might consider asking your irrigation technician to adjust your system for multiple start times or a soak and cycle irrigation. This allows more water to get to the turf roots while conserving water that might runoff the landscape. This method works by sprinklers being on for 8-10 minutes, shutting off to allow the water to soak in for about 30 minutes and then on again for another short irrigation cycle.

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