Thank You Birds for the Golden Currant

I didn’t plant this Golden Currant, but I sure appreciate the birds who did.

One of my favorite shrubs in the backyard is one I didn’t choose at the garden center or buy at a garden club plant sale.

Every spring it blooms with brilliant yellow tubular flowers that have a fresh spicy scent and these flowers grow into berries that birds love.  Which is only fitting.

A bird must have stopped by for a drink at the birdbath several years ago and “planted” the seed for this broad-leaf native shrub. Golden Currant (Ribes aureum) is a member of the rose family, it has a nice upright habit and can grow to 6 feet tall.

Even though I didn’t plant this shrub, I might have if I had known how easily it would grow in my garden. And I might have planted it in that exact spot, too. When it’s in full flower it practically glows in the afternoon sunlight.

Currants like this have low to moderate moisture needs and like a sunny spot, but can also take some shade. I’m impressed this one came through the cold, extremely dry winter without any problems. But I guess that’s what native plants are supposed to do.

Later this summer I could pick and eat the currants because they’re so tasty, but instead I think I’ll leave them for the birds. I’m sure another gardener will appreciate this shrub in her garden, too.


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