Stuffed Pumpkin is Edible Centerpiece

The recipe for Stuffed Pumpkin appears in The Vegetarian Epicure cookbook, but my adapted version requires fewer ingredients and skips several steps.

Stuffed Pumpkin blogThere’s a lot to like about serving a stuffed pumpkin for dinner. Not only is it a simple vegetarian entree, but it’s fun to prepare and there’s no messy casserole dish to wash at the end of the meal.

It also smells heavenly while baking up into something beautifully delicious.

I discovered this recipe in an ancient copy of The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas and prepared it for a Halloween open house several years ago.

The pumpkin came out of the oven piping hot and I used it as an edible centerpiece for the buffet table.

Not exactly a Martha Stewart moment, but pretty darn close for me.

When I prepared the recipe for the party, I used all of the right ingredients in their precise amounts and followed all of the steps–and there were plenty of them.

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