Hot Pepper is Weird Veggie Winner for 2015

A hot chile pepper took top honors in the annual Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit contest sponsored by and Bonnie Plants.

Improve your Small-Space Vegetable Gardening with this Special Summer Discount

At my house, summer gardening dreams are all about growing a bountiful vegetable garden — one filled with a variety of ripe and juicy heirloom tomatoes. All of these tomatoes, from the smoky Black Krims to the small yellow pear tomatoes, grew in my small-space vegetable garden. Some grew in the postage-stamp sized 6 x […]

Organic Gardening Tip Protects Cucumber Seedlings

I hate it when something eats my cucumbers before I do. Especially before they even get the chance to grow into those cool fruits. Cucumber seedlings are especially attractive to garden pests, but I think I’ve found a simple, organic gardening method to outsmart the hungry critters, like cutworms and birds. Last season, the trouble […]

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