How to plant peppers in your vegetable garden

I’ve never met a pepper I didn’t like. Hot, sweet, fried or dried, I’m crazy about them all. That’s why I plant at least a dozen different pepper varieties in my garden every season. There will always be several jalapeno plants, but each year I enjoy adding new-to-me varieties. I’ve been known to pick a […]

Cayennetta Peppers are a Blue Ribbon Winner

‘Cayennetta’ is an All-America Selections vegetable winner for 2012 and a blue-ribbon winner for me. I’d never entered anything in a county fair until this year. And what a year it’s turned out to be. I entered 5 different produce competitions and came home with 5 blue ribbons. Here’s to beginner’s luck! At the Denver […]

Gardening with Miniature Peppers

My vegetable pick of the week: Red Mini Bell peppers. One of my favorite vegetable plants in my container garden last summer was a crop of adorable mini bell peppers. These miniature versions of red bell peppers made gardening (and eating) fun. I selected mini bells to add to my other pepper selections because I […]

How to Grow Tabasco Sauce Step 2

How to Grow Tabasco Sauce, Step 1, included information on growing Tabasco pepper plants from seed. Step 2 is an illustrated guide for using the fresh peppers to make your own Tabasco sauce. After the Tabasco peppers have ripened to the perfect color of red, pick them from the plant, wash, and carefully remove the […]

Pepper Varieties Good for Any Garden

The results are in for the 2011 pepper trials in my Rocky Mountain garden. Here are seven varieties I’d recommend for any kind of gardening. Just for fun, can you guess which is the hottest pepper of the bunch? The Red Mini Bell peppers, grown from seed purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, did especially […]

Picture Perfect Peppers and Canna Lilies

Each spring, the experts with Denver Parks and Recreation tend this raised planter in my neighborhood park. However, this is the first year for such an interesting combination of plants. Mixing yellow and red Canna lilies with ornamental peppers is a brilliant idea. Right now the peppers are ripening and turning the same shades of […]

Paprika Adds Spice to Gardening Life

Once you’ve experienced the pleasure of growing sweet red peppers and then grinding the dried pods into fresh paprika, you’ll never want to buy grocery store paprika again. I love to grow hot peppers, but I’ve also had fun gardening with other kinds, like sweet red paprika peppers. I added several pots of paprika to […]

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