Pepper Varieties Good for Any Garden

The results are in for the 2011 pepper trials in my Rocky Mountain garden. Here are seven varieties I’d recommend for any kind of gardening. Just for fun, can you guess which is the hottest pepper of the bunch?

The Red Mini Bell peppers, grown from seed purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, did especially well in my container garden. The plant is still loaded with small peppers that are exceptionally sweet. I wrote about growing these peppers on my blog.

The Kung Pao peppers were grown from a transplant I purchased at a local garden center. I grew this variety so I could make my own Kung Pao chicken recipe, in addition to other Asian specialties. This plant, also grown in a container on my patio, grew to about 30 inches.  The peppers are long and skinny and have thin walls which helps them dry quickly.

Easy Recipe for Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

Why buy a jar of pickled jalapenos at the grocery store when you can make a home-made batch with peppers plucked from plants on your patio?

Pickled jalapenos are a favorite food around here and I usually have a store-bought jar at the ready to add to panini sandwiches, to top a pizza or to sprinkle on Mexican food.

But since gardening this year has yielded such a good chile pepper crop, I decided to create my own easy recipe for pickled peppers.

I mixed the recipe for these refrigerator pickled jalapenos by starting with the ingredient list from the back of the jar sitting in the fridge–and then adding my own ideas. I experimented with the quantities until the pickling brine tasted just right.

Before you start, please save yourself some pain and slip on a pair of plastic or rubber gloves to protect your hands and eyes while working with fresh peppers.

Gifts from the Garden Spice Up Holidays

Homegrown jalapeño chile peppers and coriander mix with vinegar, ginger, sugars and spices to make a festive gift for the holidays.

Pickled Grapes blogThe magazines that clutter my desk from October through December are loaded with recipes for cookies, candy and sweet holiday treats that look irresistibly delicious. But I’m always on the lookout for ways I can use goodies from my garden to create savory treats, too.

One of my favorite gifts to grow, make and give is a jar of spicy pickled grapes. The red and green grapes fit the colors of the season and the recipe lets me use some of my garden-grown jalapeño peppers and coriander seeds. It’s an added bonus if you grow your own grapes, too.

Jalapeño chile peppers are easy to grow and are an essential ingredient for flavoring Mexican food dishes and are used to add some heat to Thai and Chinese recipes, too.

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