Black tomatoes make a garden complete

These are prime examples of Paul Robeson tomatoes, a Russian heirloom named for the famous singer, actor and activist.

Lime basil a refreshing addition to garden

This was my first year growing lime basil and I haven’t been disappointed. Lime basil (Ocimum basilicum americanum) is a refreshingly delicious culinary herb that I grew from seed as another one of my backyard experiments. I picked up a packet of seeds at the Colorado Garden and Home Show for two reasons: I love […]

New Zealand spinach can take the heat

New Zealand spinach, planted in a shallow container, was another of my successful garden-grown experiments. Yesterday I wrote about the good luck I had growing green beans in a large container. The New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia) seeds I planted also did well even though they were planted in a narrow, shallow plastic container. New Zealand […]

Green beans keep gardeners busy

Planting and growing pole beans in a large planter was a successful garden experiment this year. I like to think of my garden as one big experiment. In my outdoor laboratory I’ve planted unusual combinations of perennials together, put tall plants in front of short plants, planted some where they might not grow and let […]

Slugs in the garden? Cheers!

Thanks to the continuing cool and wet weather, I’ve been finding unwelcome visitors to my garden. Slugs love to feast on lush vegetation and our current wet weather is attracting them to my garden like never before. I’ve always heard about slugs, but I’ve never seen them in my typically dry garden until now. Each […]

A big crop of disappointed gardeners

A promising crop of heirloom tomatoes was still on the vine when the big hail storm hit Pueblo July 29. This may turn out to be one of the most disappointing gardening seasons on record for gardeners along the Front Range, especially because there were so many new vegetable gardeners this season. New gardeners who […]

The Great Sunflower Project needs you

Every summer for the last four years, a cluster of male bees (genus Melissodes) finds thisĀ  Miscanthus sinensis the perfect place to spend each night. Ever since I interviewed bee expert Stephen Buchmann a few years ago, I’ve had a soft spot for bees. He told me that one-third of our food supply is derived […]

Organic lawn care and weeds

I was surprised to learn there isn’t a universally-agreed upon definition of organic lawn care. One of the classes I took during CSU’s Short Course day in July was “Organic Lawn Care: Is it Sustainable?” taught by Tony Koski, the extension turf specialist. I’ve taken Tony’s classes in the past and he always presents good […]

Plant a seed, grow a gardener

The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colo., has a delightful Children’s Garden that made me wish I were a kid again. On my way home from CSU after the short course a few Fridays ago, I took a little detour to The Gardens on Spring Creek and I’m so glad I did. I […]

New perennials on trial at CSU garden

In addition to its annual flower trials, CSU has three garden beds devoted to testing new perennial plants. Across the street from CSU’s Annual Flower Trial Garden are three beds for testing new perennial plants. Perennials undergo two years of testing and include cultivars that have been introduced within the last three years. The top […]

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