Fairy gardens need these Fairy Flowers

Every fairy garden needs a few fairies flitting around to make sure all is growing well. The best fairy garden fairies — the ones who make a gardener’s wishes come true — are those made from the garden’s own flowers, like hollyhocks. It takes just a few minutes to transform an ordinary hollyhock blossom and […]

Miniature Roses for Patios and Small Gardens

The samples of miniature roses from Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande, Calif., are as beautiful as they are easy to grow. Every spring for the last several years I’ve received a big box of miniature roses from the generous folks at Greenheart Farms in California. It’s always a treat to open the box and see […]

Midsummer Report on Harris Seeds Trials

I’m pleased that Harris Seeds invited me to be part of another Home Garden Trials this season. Harris Seeds of Rochester, New York, invited members of the Garden Writers Association to once again test flower and vegetable varieties in our home gardens this season. I’m one of 100 GWA members who selected varieties for planting […]

New Gardening Seeds and Things for 2013

If it’s January, it’s time for the new seed catalogs to come rolling in. Once the rush of holiday shopping is over and the retail catalogs slow to a trickle, it’s time for the seed catalogs to take over. As a gardener, it has to be one of my favorite times of the year because […]

Win a Beginners Guide to Gardening

Are you a new gardener–or know someone who is? Here’s your chance to win a copy of the new book called “Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to Gardening” by Katie Elzer-Peters. Have you ever wanted to learn how to read a fertilizer label, fix a problem in the lawn, plant a perennial or prune a tree? Are […]

Picture Perfect Peppers and Canna Lilies

Each spring, the experts with Denver Parks and Recreation tend this raised planter in my neighborhood park. However, this is the first year for such an interesting combination of plants. Mixing yellow and red Canna lilies with ornamental peppers is a brilliant idea. Right now the peppers are ripening and turning the same shades of […]

Fireworks are like Garden Flowers in the Sky

Chrysanthemums or daisies? I’ll leave it up to you to decide which flowers these fabulous Fourth of July fireworks most resemble. John Pendleton took these images at the annual holiday celebration¬† in our neighborhood last night. My first thought when I saw these beautiful images was how much the fireworks look like the explosion of […]

Gardening with Celebration in Pink Cosmos

Please help support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fundraising efforts by planting ‘Celebration in Pink’ cosmos this spring. It’s time to place your order for ‘Celebration in Pink’ cosmos from Botanical Interests. The Broomfield, Colo., seed company is supporting The Susan G. Komen for the Cure efforts to fight breast cancer with each […]

Gardeners are crime-fighting superheros

Something as simple as planting flowers can be a powerful tool in crime prevention. I recently read an article on how a group of concerned citizens got growing to reduce the number of burglaries in their Tokyo neighborhood. When the number of break-ins in one area reached nearly 2000, it was time to put “Operation […]

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