Fairy gardens need these Fairy Flowers

fairy garden flower fairyEvery fairy garden needs a few fairies flitting around to make sure all is growing well.

The best fairy garden fairies — the ones who make a gardener’s wishes come true — are those made from the garden’s own flowers, like hollyhocks.

It takes just a few minutes to transform an ordinary hollyhock blossom and bud into a fairy flower all dressed up in a ballgown and ready to dance around the garden.

Fairies made from hollyhocks are a bit elusive because of the plant’s biennial nature; they have a two-year growth cycle. The first year they develop deep roots and a rosette of leaves and the next year they send up a flower stalk. That’s the perfect time to get your hands on one of these flower fairies.


hollyhock flower








How to Plant a Miniature Rock Garden

Do you love the look of a rock garden, but don’t have the garden space to create one? A simpler solution is to plant in a container that looks like a rock, but it’s not.

Hypertufa planters look like they’re made of stone or rock, but they’re lightweight containers made from cement mixed with other materials like vermiculite, perlite, peat moss and sand.

You can Google around to find instructions for mixing up your own containers or you can do what I did and let someone else make one for you. I bought my planter at a garden club plant sale, but I’ve seen these at garden centers, too. My planter is a rectangle 21″ long x 14″ wide and 5″ deep.

The most attractive miniature rock gardens include a variety of shallow-rooted plants in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some produce tiny blooms that add to their appeal. Succulents, alpine plants and various groundcovers do especially well in hypertufa containers.

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