Xeric Gardening with Red Feathers

Last summer I planted Echium amoenum ‘Red Feathers’ and here’s a current update of how it’s growing in my xeric garden.

At the Plant Select annual meeting last year, I purchased several of the 2010 recommendations to test in my landscape.

After seeing how well ‘Red Feathers’ grew, I can say it’s a favorite new perennial for my xeriscape.

I planted two Echium amoenum ‘Red Feathers’ in different parts of the yard.

The one planted in the hottest, driest spot was well-established by fall. It grew a large mound of dark green leaves, but didn’t bloom.

The other was planted in another perennial bed in a spot that receives moderate amounts of sunshine and water. By the fall, it was still a small mound of green leaves, so I transferred it to the other bed.

Winter 2009 was an especially wet one and there were times when this bed was covered with a thick snow cover. In fact, it was such a wet winter, I didn’t have to do any supplemental watering at all.

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