Vegetable gardeners have more control when planting in container gardens

The 2015 vegetable growing season had a cool, rainy and slow start, but plants are finally responding to the warm dry days. After the first 95-degree day, I noticed every squash plant had blossomed overnight. Each plant had several large squash blossoms, with plenty of buzzing bees, because they were so happy to get the […]

Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces Class

My new Craftsy class has launched! Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small Space Solutions is designed to help gardeners at all skill levels find creative ways to make the most of their growing space. I’m so excited to introduce my new vegetable gardening class to you! I’ve partnered with Craftsy, the online educational provider, to create a […]

Lettuce Grow in Small Spaces

There was such a good response to my post about how to grow round baby carrots, I thought I’d share another garden baby for small-space gardening. ‘Garden Babies’ butterhead lettuce is a cool-season leafy green that’s easy to grow in a container. I admit I fell for this variety from Renee’s Garden Seeds simply because […]

Hanging Strawberry Pots a Great Idea

Hanging strawberry pots meet gardening needs for growing up. My third pick for a “Best Of” the new products at the 2012 ProGreen industry tradeshow is the Urban Garden Pocket Planter by NCV. These light-weight plastic containers will make small-space gardening easier. I can imagine a row of these clever pots hanging from a balcony […]

Smart Pots for Vegetable Gardening

Another of my “Best Of” selections at the 2012 ProGreen tradeshow is a new idea for container gardening called Smart Pots. If you’ve followed my blog, you know that every year I have a big container garden of vegetables. I’ve grown all kinds of vegetables and herbs and I’ve grown them in all kinds of […]

Plant a Strawberry Pot with Succulents

I planted this succulent strawberry pot on a chilly day in April and here’s what it looks like today. I’m delighted at the results, especially the little tendrils growing down the sides of the pot. If you’d like to plant one for your patio, here’s a link to a video how-to posted on my Lowe’s […]

Enter the Zone 4 Container Gardening Contest

Do you have a floriferous container you’re especially proud of this year? If so, you may want to enter the Zone 4 Magazine container contest. But hurry…the deadline for entries is September 1. In June I posted a blog called Plant a Hypertufa for Small-Scale Gardening and I showed how to create a container rock […]

Plant a Hypertufa for Small-Scale Gardening

Today’s edition of Workshop Wednesday will appeal to those who like small-scale gardening.  Alpine plants, succulents and other low-growing plants grow well in trough planters. Here’s how to plant a hypertufa container garden. I’ve always enjoyed planting container rock gardens, so I was delighted to find a table of hypertufa trough planters at the recent […]

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot for Gardening

This edition of Workshop Wednesday is How to Plant a Strawberry Pot in 3 easy steps. Harvesting fruit from trees along the Front Range is hit or miss. We’re often hit with a late spring freeze that guarantees we’ll miss our fresh peaches, apricots and other stone fruits. But life isn’t just a bowl of […]

Get the Rocks Out of Your Containers

If you like container gardening, you’ll appreciate Better Than Rocks. If you’re still using rocks in the bottom of your containers to aid drainage, there’s a new product that can make your gardening life a bit easier. Better Than Rocks is…well, you know. This product is made of 100% recycled plastic and comes in squares […]

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