Smart Pots for Vegetable Gardening

Another of my “Best Of” selections at the 2012 ProGreen tradeshow is a new idea for container gardening called Smart Pots.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know that every year I have a big container garden of vegetables. I’ve grown all kinds of vegetables and herbs and I’ve grown them in all kinds of containers.

But this year I get to try something new: a Smart Pot aeration container I picked up at ProGreen.

The Smart Pot is a foldable fabric container that’s said to be better than plastic containers because it releases heat from the pot, aerates the root zone and stops roots from circling inside the container. That’s because the container air prunes the plant’s root structure.

There are 4 different container sizes from 7 to 20 gallons. Gardeners can grow garlic, leeks, greens, herbs, beans and small annuals in the 7-gallon size; a 20-gallon Smart Pot is made to grow tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and winter squash.

Complete Guide to Composting Book Review

Why buy bags of compost to help your gardening efforts when you can turn ordinary kitchen and yard waste into black gold?

I had the chance to talk with Chris McLaughlin for an article on compost tea I wrote for The Denver Post earlier this season.

Something Chris said during the interview stuck with me and I think about it every time I step into the garden:

“Compost is at the very heart of organic gardening. It’s literally the heartbeat.”

Taking kitchen and garden waste, watching it decompose and then returning it to the earth is a powerful gardening concept.

Compost is the answer to most gardening questions because it can be used to loosen clay soil or to add water-holding ability to sandy soil. Compost boosts soil fertility because it brings in the microorganisms that support all forms of plant and animal life, Chris said.

A Thank You Bouquet for Green Gardeners

Gardeners across the country contributed their green gardening tips to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary.

Many thanks to all the gardeners who shared their green gardening tips on Earth Day–each of you deserves a bouquet of spring flowers from my garden for taking time to post your suggestions for how to grow greener.

According to this gardening bunch, it seems like every day is Earth Day.

From gardeners who say this is their first year to attempt gardening to seasoned pros, they posted the gardening ideas that work for them while composting, vermicomposting, starting seeds, planting, recycling and more.

Thanks to each of you for taking time to post your ideas here. It shows that gardeners are a conscientious bunch, willing to go the extra mile to “Frankenstein” old plastic storage boxes, like Anna does. Or to freeze table scraps as a way to help them break down for faster composting, like Marc recommends.

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