How to make aerated compost tea for your garden

If you’re a gardener who’s been conscientiously composting your kitchen waste and using the rich, crumbly material as a soil conditioner in your garden, it’s time to take your composting to the next level. By mixing that earthy concoction with water and allowing it to steep, you can create a beneficial tea loaded with the […]

Oh Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Loam

BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all-natural plant food and soil amendment known as “America’s First Fertilizer.” The Diamond Tail Ranch in north-central Colorado has found a way into gardener’s hearts by recycling tons of manure from its herd of 700 American bison. BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all natural plant food and soil amendment for […]

Grounds for gardening success

The best use for coffee grounds is as an addition to the compost pile. The “Grounds for your Garden” program started by Starbucks in 1999 is a terrific example of win-win-win-win in business. By giving away tons of used coffee grounds, the company has been able to recycle a product it would normally throw away, […]

Gardeners Flock to Free Mulch Day 2009

It’s not spring until the free mulch giveaway sponsored by Denver Recycles and Denver Parks and Recreation. Following an annual spring tradition, we woke up early, grabbed coffee and headed out the door for the TreeCycle Mulch Giveaway. We arrived 40 minutes before opening and took our places as the 10th and 11th in line. […]

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