How to Show Wild Birds Some Love

Love is in the air and it can swoop into your landscape with a little creative planning. All it takes to attract wild birds to your garden is a little creative planning, especially if you can think like birds and know what they like. I can’t imagine my garden without wild birds hopping along the […]

How to Attract Wild Birds to your Garden

It’s easy to attract wild birds to your landscape by providing food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young.

How Northern Flickers Build Their Nest

A happy couple of Red-shafted Northern Flickers took just a week to create this impressive nest. I was away in Gillette, Wyo., giving the keynote presentation at the Native Plants Speaker’s Series when I called home to check in. John brought me up-to-date on what was happening at the homestead and before ending the call […]

Gardening Projects for Citizen Scientists

Attention, Gardeners! Science needs you to join the army of citizens advancing the body of scientific knowledge. Citizen scientists are the extra eyes researchers need to help look for nine-spotted ladybugs, note the first tulips in spring or keep watch for endangered arboreal toads. They partner with scientists to provide valuable data that helps answer […]

Golden Eagle Likes My Backyard Habitat

It was a cold, gray day in my suburban Denver neighborhood yesterday until I spotted this immature Golden Eagle landing in a nearby tree. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to watch this big, beautiful bird for several minutes before it left its perch and soared away. Apparently it likes my backyard habitat, certified […]

Birds Love My Winter Garden

It’s the first day of Winter and here’s a glimpse of what’s flocking to my garden. These sparrows appreciate the rose arbor more now than they do in the spring and summer when it’s in full bloom. The garden may be dormant for the season, but it’s alive with flocks of birds flying back and […]

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