How Northern Flickers Build Their Nest

A happy couple of Red-shafted Northern Flickers took just a week to create this impressive nest. I was away in Gillette, Wyo., giving the keynote presentation at the Native Plants Speaker’s Series when I called home to check in. John brought me up-to-date on what was happening at the homestead and before ending the call […]

Bodega Birdhouses Make Great Gardening Gifts

The beautifully-designed Bodega Birdhouses, manufactured by Roost, are made of recycled materials. Looking for a gift for the gardener who has everything? The bird lover in your life will certainly appreciate receiving a Bodega Birdhouse for the holidays. These birdhouses are made of matte-glazed, speckled stoneware and are carefully constructed using recycled or repurposed materials […]

High Style Birdhouses for Gardening

The beautifully-designed Bodega Birdhouses are featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Leaf Magazine. The magazine says these birdhouses are part of a collection of “contemporary, environmentally responsible affordable items with high style” offered by online retailer aHa! Modern Living. The birdhouses come in three styles, including Bungalow (shown here), Tower and Chalet. Each stoneware […]

Golden Eagle Likes My Backyard Habitat

It was a cold, gray day in my suburban Denver neighborhood yesterday until I spotted this immature Golden Eagle landing in a nearby tree. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to watch this big, beautiful bird for several minutes before it left its perch and soared away. Apparently it likes my backyard habitat, certified […]

Monarch’s Visit is a Gardening First

This migrating monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) stopped just long enough to make my heart soar. Many butterflies have enjoyed the nectar from my butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii), but this was the first time I’ve seen a monarch drop by for a snack. Even though this is one of the best-known and most recognized butterflies in […]

Just like Gardeners, Squirrels Love Tomatoes

The early squirrel gets the tomato. While I was on my way to the garden to pick tomatoes this morning, an early bird–I mean squirrel–was making a delicious tomato breakfast from one of my Celebrity tomatoes. I saw this tomato yesterday when it was just turning ripe red, but I decided to give it one […]

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