Sungold Tomatoes Brighten Gardening Day

These ripe sungold tomatoes signal the summer harvest is about to begin.

This year’s growing season is taking a lot longer than most–just ask the Hatch chile farmers in New Mexico or the peach producers on the Western Slope. Many crops are delayed because of the cool spring weather that seemed to last forever.

I experimented with planting two tomato plants in early April, thinking the wall of waters would protect them. I was dreaming of taking my first bite of home-grown tomato in June.


Those poor plants had to suffer through freezing weather, several snowstorms, driving rain and then suddenly hot weather. The tomatoes on those plants are just now starting to ripen.

I planted 14 different tomato varieties, but some of the tomato plants have yet to set fruit. That means I won’t be growing any 2 pound Giant Belgiums like I did last season.

I was a little disheartened about that until I spied these little sungolds starting to ripen.

Not only are they a lovely golden color, they have a superior taste that make them a favorite for many home gardeners.

I planted a few new varieties sent to me by several seed and plant companies to trial in my garden before releasing them to the general public next spring. Please check back here from time to time, because I plan on writing about each as they ripen through the season.


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You could very well be describing my tomatoes. I’m hoping to have a late start to Fall so I can get some ripe tomatoes. We do have one variety that is doing quite well. Fourth of July. And when did it produce the first ripe tomato? The Fourth Of July of course!

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Thanks for sharing your Fourth of July story–that’s one nice tomato! Thanks, too, for sending a link to your site…I always appreciate hearing from fellow gardeners who have learned how to grow in a challenging climate. Best wishes for a good tomato harvest!

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