So Many New Seeds and Sow Little Time

It’s a new year, but time’s already slipping away. Only 66 more days until Spring.

Spring may not be within reach just yet, but you couldn’t tell that by the way my heart leaps every time I open a new seed catalog.

It’s easy for me to lose track of time while slowly turning the pages of each new book as soon as it reaches my desk.

So many new seeds; sow little time.

Even though I order a lot of seed from catalogs, I recently learned the majority of gardeners don’t buy through paper catalogs. Most prefer to buy seed packets for gardening at their local garden center or retail shop.

I was especially surprised to hear this during a conversation I had with Renee Shepherd of Renee’s Seeds.

I had emailed her to ask for a photo of the company’s 2011 seed catalog to update a catalog review I wrote for last year.

She called to remind me that Renee’s sells seeds through an online (not paper) catalog and through retail displays. That’s when she mentioned the research on gardeners’ seed-buying habits.

Like these gardeners, I’ve purchased my share of store-bought seeds, but these are the run-of-the-mill vegetable or herb varieties. For specialty plants, heirloom vegetables, or organic herbs, I turn to the pages of my favorite seed catalogs. Where else would I find seeds for Giant Belgium, Black Cherry, or Great White tomatoes?

If you’re interested in finding some out-of-the-ordinary seeds this year, here are some lovely catalogs to peruse:

Baker Creek
Botanical Interests
Bounty Beyond Belief
Seeds of Change
Tomato Growers Supply
Wood Prairie Farm

Do you have a favorite catalog that’s not on my list? If so, please add it in the comments section. Thanks!


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getting things ready here working on planting an heirloom color veggie garden I’m enjoying seed tips from peeps and the seed catalogs Wow. I look forward to growing with you here Annie

Great to hear from you, Annie!

I’ll look forward to seeing pictures of your heirloom garden this summer.

you know…I was looking at the seed packets I had from last year. I plant a lot in my greenhouse …mostly annuals…and I noticed that I had a lot of the packets that were just as you described…over the counter packets! I went into the greenhouse and looked a little further and it was true…there were almost equal packages of local store bought seeds as there were from my favorite mail order vendor!!! I now just buy what I need to in bulk from the catalogs…the rest I pick up at the local shops. why not support the local stores?
I am very much enjoying your blog. I hope to find time to come back and visit often!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your seed packet observation–it’s interesting to hear what you found in your greenhouse.

I agree that it’s as important to support independent greenhouses and garden centers as it is to buy from our favorite mail order catalogs.

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