Shrub Roses are Perfect for Every Garden

The Harison’s Yellow rose is one of the first roses to bloom in my garden each spring.

harisons-rose-blog4Ever since I planted a Harison’s Yellow in my garden, I’ve fallen in love with shrub roses.

In addition to their long and rich history, Harison’s Yellow has  many benefits over the modern roses found in gardens today. Just like the settlers who brought them here, these roses are hardy and used to difficult growing conditions.

This shrub blooms only once each year, but the flowers are the first roses to appear in my garden in spring.

Shrub roses grow in any well-drained soil and once established in the garden, they’re drought hardy requiring only 1 inch of water a week during the hottest months of summer.

Because they grow on their own roots, shrub roses also tolerate freezing temperatures during winter. A layer of mulch helps regulate soil temperature.

I appreciate looking out my kitchen window and seeing this 6-foot-tall shrub with its brilliant yellow flowers and large arching canes. My Harison’s Yellow requires less care than other roses, although a good pruning would improve its form and encourage new growth.

If you have difficulty growing roses, shrub roses may be the perfect answer because they aren’t nearly as finicky as hybrid tea roses. High Country Roses in Jensen, Utah, has a wonderful selection of hardy shrub roses, as well as Old Garden Roses and Species Roses. You can order by phone or shop online.

I hope my Harison’s Yellow inspires you to add something old to your landscape today.


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Wow…this rose is fabulous…I have not always had success with yellow roses as the Japanese beatles usually pretty much eat them as soon as they bloom…but you say this blooms in spring…I am taking notes!
GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant

I’m so glad to hear you like the idea of this rose. I’d love to see more of these used in landscapes across the country.

I live in Texas. Where can I purchase the Harrison’s Yellow? Does it have to be ordered online?

thank you

Hi Kathy:

Have you tried asking at your favorite garden center? Perhaps they’d be willing to place a special order for you. You could also try searching online to see if other garden centers in your city/county stock this rose. If you can’t find it locally, ordering online would be a good option.

Thanks for getting in touch,

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