Salute to Spring Gardening Season

Welcome to Spring 2013.

Melbourne Garden Gnome blogToday is the first day of spring, according to the calendar.

But seasoned gardeners around these parts know it won’t feel like spring for a few more weeks.

The morning temperatures are still quite chilly and there’s always the threat of a late spring snowstorm to keep us on our toes.

But it was a hot fall day when I spotted this garden gnome in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this month.

The gnome is just one piece of art featured along Hosier Lane, a long alley in the city that’s famous for the urban art that covers its walls from top to bottom.

Of course the little guy caught my eye. Can you find his little mouse friend in the painting?

Obviously there’s at least one gardener-artist down under with a silly sense of humor.

This piece of art stood out from the rest of the graffiti in the alley that included paintings of everything from superheroes to beautiful women; from religious art to abstract swirls.

In the alley, called a pedestrian laneway, there were crude drawings and sophisticated artwork. Political sayings and silly expressions.

But there was just one garden gnome.

Seeing this little gnome sitting on a swing in a garden filled with giant blooms reminded me just how many gardeners there are around the globe.


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