Round Carrots are Fun to Grow

Now’s the time to plant cool-season vegetables and round baby carrots are a top crop.

I’d never been interested in growing carrots before, until I planted round ‘Romeo’ carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden a few seasons ago.

All I did was sprinkled the seeds on top of the soil of a large container, covered them with a thin layer of soil and kept a close eye on soil moisture until they sprouted. Then over the next several weeks, I thinned the seedlings conscientiously so they’d have plenty of room to grow.

My heart soared every time I pulled a round Romeo carrot from the soil. Each one of those baby carrots was so small, so round and so full of flavor that I couldn’t believe I grew them in a patio container.

I was so happy with those sweet results, I also sowed a late-season crop and enjoyed those little round carrots into the fall.

If you start now, you’ll have carrots to enjoy in just a couple of months. Even though cool-season vegetables like carrots can tolerate a light frost, keep some row cover handy in case freezing temperatures are predicted.

Besides being able to enjoy these sweet carrots right from the garden, if you’re lucky, you may even grow a great carrot to enter in the annual Weird Veggie & Funny Fruit contest.




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Great picture! If you use a little imagination, it is amazing where you can grow carrots at. And pulling them out of the soil is so rewarding – I’ve been growing carrots for years, and I still get very excited every time I harvest them!

Thanks, John. Little carrots like these are easy to grow and so tender, they don’t need peeling before eating.

I have an elevated grow bed that I have just planted beets and rosemary. I would love to add Romeo carrots to my box.

I would grow these cute little carrots with my grandkids in a container on the patio.

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


Now’s the time to plant carrots–these should do well in a raised bed.


Where can I buy Romeo carrot seeds to grow?


Hi Ginny:

You can buy the ‘Romeo’ carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden at

Thanks for stopping by!

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