Reliable Performers for Western Gardening

‘Harison’s yellow’ rose is one of the undaunted plants recommended by Lauren Springer Ogden in the Summer issue of Zone 4 Magazine.

The Harison’s yellow rose (Rosa x Harisonii) growing in my backyard was a good investment when I planted it several years ago.

This is one of the most reliable performers in my Western garden and it gets more beautiful with each passing year.

If I had to find fault with this hardy bloomer is that it only blooms once a year. I love the small yellow roses covering the thick thorny branches that cascade like a river down the canes.

The flowers are delicate with just a hint of fragrance, but they’re perfect for giving honeybees another early-season food source.

I’ve written about Harison’s yellow before because it’s an old rose that pioneers brought with them when they came west. They just had to have these roses in their gardens wherever they lived and I understand why.

This is an extremely hardy rose. Despite the our cold, dry Denver winter this rose is loaded with tight flowers ready to burst open and and greet the spring. I also appreciate the fact that it’s nearly maintenance free. The only thing I need to do is to keep an eye on it because it likes to roam with its equally hardy suckers.

I took an inventory of other hardy plants in my landscape that I consider reliable performers and I’ll feature them here over the next week.


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