Plant Fashionistas Need These for Gardening

Sex and the City 2 may feature “fashion’s fab four”,  but their haute couture has nothing on Hort Couture, the high-fashion plant brand for discriminating gardeners.

This season, my garden will be flaunting some of the most sophisticated plants on the market today.

These cool new styles will feature vibrant color combinations and dynamic new forms perfect for gardening.

Thanks to the sample package I received from the upscale Hort Couture ( plant brand, I’ll be growing Calibrachoa ‘Ready to Wear-Paris’, three Hemigraphis ‘Black Waffle’ plants, some Sage ‘La Crema’, a few ‘Black Krim’ tomatoes and the new ‘Tomaccio’ tomato meant for drying.

The plants are from C. Raker & Sons, Inc., in partnership with Hort Couture, which is making its third trip down the plant fashion runway. C. Raker & Sons is a wholesale plant propagation specialist based in Litchfield, Mich.

“Hort Couture is the first brand developed from the retail aspect of the horticulture industry,” according to the company’s press release. “The stylish program boasts excellent new genetics with chic pots and tags.”

The brand offers a number of fashion-based merchandising concepts for independent garden centers, including Lady Couture, the icon of the program.

Hort Couture is an interesting blend of products that includes Avant Garde Annuals, Culinary Couture, Sunny Succulents and Tres Chic Tropicals.

The sample plants I received came in six-packs of Ellepots which are degradable paper wrapped media made ready for planting.

I immediately planted the Calibrachoa in a hanging pot and it’s already started to grow.’Paris’ includes a mix of three different colors including Blue Jean, Bouquet Red and Bouquet Yellow.

I’m also looking forward to growing the Sage ‘La Crema’ a richly variegated form of Berggarten Sage. Hort Couture says this sage has an intense, spicy fragrance and is equally nice as an ornamental or when used in the kitchen.

I’ll be sure to post photos and write updates about these plants throughout the growing season.  Look for the Hort Couture line in independent garden centers, because they aren’t offered through mass merchants.


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Did you receive these plants for free in exchange for writing about them, or did you purchase them?

Thanks for your question, Jess. I mentioned in the blog post that I received samples of these cool plants from Hort Couture to try in my garden. The plants were offered free to members of the Garden Writers Association to plant in their gardens to see how well they do in areas across the country. Writers, like me, get to choose whether or not to write about them–and I thought these were interesting enough to deserve a spotlight here. I’ll be sure to update how they do throughout the seasons.

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