Perennial Favorites is a Gardener’s Haven

perennial-favorites-blogPerennial Favorites, in Rye, Colo., is a specialty plant nursery that caters to gardeners and their growing challenges.

Mother’s Day weekend wouldn’t be the same without our annual trek to Rye for the Perennial Favorites Open House. Every year I return home with new plants specially grown here.

Located on a historic dairy farm, this nursery has blossomed into one of the top providers of perennials in the state. But when it first opened in 1987, perennials weren’t as popular as annuals for spring planting. “We started growing perennials because it was low tech and we didn’t need much in the way of greenhouse space,” explains Diana Capen, co-owner. “We wanted to grow interesting plants not available in our area.”

In addition to a loyal following of Colorado customers, gardeners from New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma make it a point to stop at the nursery to select from 1000 varieties of ground covers, herbs, shrubs, and native plants.

The nursery’s demonstration gardens are of special interest, especially the no-water garden, as it highlights the kinds of flowering plants that can survive and thrive during a drought. The no-water garden inspired me to add many of the nurseries featured plants to one of my driest flowerbeds.

Perennial Favorites will meet this year’s demand for vegetables and fruits and offer buy-one, get-one tomato plants.

For gardeners wanting to save money, tomatoes, lettuce, green onions and beets are the best choices. “Per pound, those save you more money compared to store-bought than any other produce,” according to the Spring newsletter.

To save water, the staff recommends growing tomatoes, parsley, dill, okra, and pole beans. Avoid bush beans and corn–the veggies with the highest water needs.

This year I want to buy a red rudbeckia–Rudbeckia hirta ‘Cherry Brandy’ and add a few 2009 Plant Select Agastache ‘Coronado Red’ to my dry garden.

What will you be adding to your perennial beds this year?


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Hi! I’m very interested in coming up to see your nursery. Please let me know when you are open. Just purchased a cabin in Cuchara in ’06 and now that some remodeling has been completed I want to start on flower beds, etc.

Also, do you have a catalog? If so, please mail one to me at 97 Meadow Lane, Cuchara, CO 81055.


Hi Sheila:

Thanks for stopping by You can reach Perennial Favorites nursery through its new website:

Perennial Favorites doesn’t mail out catalogs, but does have a catalog on the site you can browse. Plan on visiting during Mother’s Day weekend–that’s when the nursery really comes to life! Maybe I’ll see you there.


We decided not to plant a garden this year. We are in Walsenburg where the soil is terrible and a garden was too much work for very little yield. So now we have a bare spot we have to fill. We plan to put some gravel or small colorful rock, but would also like some pretty (hopefully flowering and perennial) ground cover. The spot is also against a wall with a wire fence and wonder if we could plant some flowering vines as well. Can you tell me the days and times you are open?

Thank You

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