Organic Gardening with Manure Tea

Today’s Workshop Wednesday is for gardeners who want to make the switch from liquid  synthetic chemical fertilizers to nature’s best all-natural soil conditioner.

If my early-season planting experiment is a success, I’ll owe it all to Authentic Haven Brand manure tea.

I planted two tomatoes, a ‘Roma’ and an ‘Early Girl’ on April 4, watered them in with manure tea and placed Wall of Water plant protectors around them. They survived several spring snowstorms, freezing overnight temperatures, severe wind gusts and a sudden 90-degree day.

Last week I finally removed the plastic protectors, staked them and gave them both another manure tea party. They look extremely healthy and, if the weather cooperates, I hope the ‘Early Girl’ will live up to her name.

I thought I’d use today’s Workshop Wednesday post as a “How To” for using manure tea in the garden. I’ve written about Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioners before and I’m proud to have this product as an advertiser on my site.

Even though manure tea is one of the most natural fertilizers around, I often get questions about how to use it in the garden and whether it’s safe to use on seedlings or other plants.

Manure tea could also be called fertili-tea or liquid manure because it conditions the soil to help plants build stronger root systems.

Manure tea can be used to water the soil around plants indoors and out. In its diluted form you can use it to…

  • Water houseplants
  • Water seedlings and transplants
  • Use it in the vegetable garden to add extra nitrogen to the soil
  • Water problem areas in the lawn
  • Give flowering plants and shrubs a boost right before bloom time
  • Water container plants

Authentic Haven Brand manure tea bags are easy to use, so there’s no need to handle, haul or shovel manure.

Just drop a manure tea bag into a 1-5 gallon bucket of water and let it steep for 1-3 days.

When the tea is ready, I use a funnel to fill a 1-gallon container about 1/4 full of tea and then I dilute it to a strength of 1 part tea to 4 parts water.

The Haven Brand livestock are raised on native grass pastures and are free of hormone-added grains, antibiotics and pesticides. I hope you’ll order a case from Annie Haven today so you can get started on your organic gardening program–just like nature intended.


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LOVE Haven Brand! It’s truly the best kept secret…

How often can I apply manure tea to corn & tomatoe plants?
Thank You

Annie’s Green Manure Tea has been a mainstay in our Veggie and flower gardens for years.
Our 50# tomato yield per plant in 2008 was helped by regular application.


Annie at Authentic Haven Brand products says you can use manure tea to feed your plants every watering or a good feeding 4 times through the growing season. She says plants love it and that you can’t over feed!

Great article and thanks for the link to the Haven Brand soil conditioners!

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