Oh Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Loam

BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all-natural plant food and soil amendment known as “America’s First Fertilizer.”

The Diamond Tail Ranch in north-central Colorado has found a way into gardener’s hearts by recycling tons of manure from its herd of 700 American bison.

BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all natural plant food and soil amendment for indoor and outdoor organic gardening.

I spotted a bag of BuffaLoam at an Aurora Vitamin Cottage and decided to give it a try with my houseplants. These plants suffer from neglect all summer because I spend my gardening time either in the vegetable garden or doting on the container garden.

The bison responsible for this product graze on native grasses, just like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. The manure is collected and blended with locally-produced wood shavings and then composted long enough to create a fine, dark compost that has a pleasant earthy fragrance.

I mixed it as directed, 1:2 BuffaLoam to a good potting soil and then dug it into the soil of all of my houseplants. It may have been my imagination, but my plants seemed surprised to have so much attention focused on them at once.

What I didn’t imagine was the first noticeable difference: less frequent watering because of the improved water holding capacity of the soil.

According to the BuffaLoam website, the product is rich in macro and micro plant nutrients to encourage vigorous growth and feed soil microbes. It’s said to be low in salts and has a stable pH. I’ll look forward to seeing if using BuffaLoam results in healthier houseplants through the winter.

This may be a pricey product to use as compost in the outside garden, but it might be a good investment for an indoor garden or container garden.

BuffaLoam is available at select retailers along the Colorado Front Range and a list of sites is on the company website. Online ordering may be available soon.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it grows.


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They have a plant food tea now as well! I get mine at the Vitamin Cottage here in Denver and it works great as a spray-on application. Some of the Buffaloam products seem like they are geared towards indoor specialty growing but I actually get a good bang for my buck using the tea as a supplemental watering and foliar spray. Try it sometime!

Thanks for this info–I’ll have to look for it the next time I’m shopping there.

Appreciate the good tip,

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