Ode to a gardening tool: my Leatherman

The Leatherman Hybrid pruner multi-tool features 11 tools in one and I was lost in the garden without it.

leatherman-hybrid-pruner-blogOne of the best gardening gifts I’ve ever received is the Leatherman Hybrid pruner. John gave it to me several years ago for my birthday and it’s the best multi-purpose gardening tool a gal could have.

In addition to the pruning shears, it has two screwdrivers, a saw, a grafting knife, weeder, bottle opener, wire cutter and more.

I’ve carried my Leatherman with me every time I walked out of the garage and into the garden since I first unwrapped it. I’ve used it for just about every kind of pruning and clipping, digging weeds, sawing branches and cutting, cutting, cutting.

It has a nifty sheath with a clip for a belt, but because it folds up so neatly I just slip it into my pocket while doing chores.

One day in June, while I was deadheading the snowball bush, the tension spring in the pruning shears got tired and simply quit.

Fortunately for me, all Leatherman tools have a 25-year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. 25 years! Can you believe it?

I packed up my trusty gardening companion and shipped it off on June 18. On July 6 I received a brand new Hybrid pruner. Instead of repairing my old model, Leatherman Tool Group replaced the tool with the new improved model. I couldn’t be happier.

First, I’m so glad to have my high-quality Leatherman back. The pruning shears I was using just aren’t as sturdy or as handy as the hybrid. I also had to keep making trips to the workshop for additional tools as I needed them.

Second, I’m impressed by Leatherman Tool Group’s customer service. The reps there responded quickly to the first email message about the problem and provided all the information I needed to ship it to them. Then Leatherman sent a new tool very quickly. I was without my Leatherman for only a few weeks!

One of the company’s taglines is “Now you’re ready.” And now I am.


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