Nine Gardening Trends From the Last Decade

The end of the year–and the decade–is a good time to look back at some of the changes I’ve seen in the world of gardening.

The exceptionally dry summer of 2000 caused me to change the way I thought about my suburban landscape.

Using only a spade and an old wheelbarrow, I dug up most of the front lawn and replaced the bluegrass with drought-tolerant flowers and shrubs.

Now I’m seeing more yards with less lawn and more homeowners interested in planting xeriscapes and learning about sustainable landscaping practices.

Here are a few other positive gardening and landscaping trends I’ve noticed over the last 10 years:

1. More people are thinking about how their individual lawn and garden choices impact the environment.

2. Nurseries and garden centers are carrying more environmentally-friendly lawn and garden products.

3. There are more xeric and native plants to choose from.

4. The eat-local movement took hold and more vegetable gardens are being planted.

5. There are more new gardeners digging their first gardens and harvesting their first crops.

6. Gardeners are gardening in small spaces and seed catalogs have more container varieties of vegetables and flowers than ever before.

7. Gardeners gained a new appreciation for heirloom plants and some started saving seed.

8. Organic is now an important consideration whether buying produce or growing it in the backyard.

9. More gardeners are turning to the Internet to get and share information.

What positive gardening trends have you seen over the last 10 years? Please add your ideas here.


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Good additions to the trends list, Daffodil Planter! Thanks for adding to it.

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