New Resource for Solving Gardening Problems

ask-a-garden-question-blogAsk a Garden Question is a FREE new resource for tapping into a pool of garden professionals.

I’m always on the lookout for new resources for gardeners and I recently found a good one in Ask a Garden Question. This online Q&A site is just getting started, but gardeners from all over the country are already writing in for help with their gardening problems.

The site was created by Ellen Wells, editor-at-large of Green Profit, a Ball Publishing magazine for retail garden centers. Ask a Garden Question used information from a recent garden survey to help develop the site. The survey showed almost 50 percent of respondents said garden retailers were the greatest source of gardening information.

The site features an online form for gardeners to submit questions to a panel of garden professionals including garden center managers, professional plant growers, landscape designers and other pros who can help solve tricky gardening problems.

Some recent questions came from a California gardener looking for a nontoxic way to treat his apple tree for moth larvae, an Ohio gardener asking about the best tomato variety in her area and a gardener in Illinois questioning how to get rid of moles.

The service is free and the garden professionals are screened for their credentials. They also promise not to send spam to individuals asking questions.

This is a perfect resource for gardeners who have a question, but may not feel comfortable asking it in person. It’s also a great way to tap into the garden professionals in your region.


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This sounds like a wonderful resource and I will definitely check it out. Thanks for writing about it and bringing it to our attention.

I hope you’ll spread the word about Ask A Garden Question.

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