New Line of Organics from Renee’s Garden

Renee’s Garden is introducing a new range of organic seed for the 2013 gardening season.

Renee’s Garden, a long-time supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge developed by the Council for Responsible Genetics, has gone a step farther.

This year Renee’s has added a complete range of USDA Certified Organic vegetable and herb seeds.

Some of new line include heirlooms like ‘Chioggia’ beets, ‘Royalty Purple Pod’ bush beans, ‘Jade Green’ container lettuce, ‘Marvel Stripe’ bicolor tomato and much more. The complete line is featured in the online catalog.

As with all of the vegetable, herb and flower seeds offered by Renee’s Garden, the organics were selected after testing them in her own trial gardens. Detailed instructions for planting and growing are included on every packet.

Years ago when I first heard about Renee’s Garden, I had an image of a gifted gardener named Renee starting a specialty seed business selling based on the plants grown in her own garden.

It turns out that’s exactly what happened.

Renee Shepherd, a well-known seed expert and author, started the company in 1997.

She’s involved in every aspect of the business from searching for unusual varieties to planting them in her garden. She also writes the planting information featured on every seed packet that includes colorful descriptions about each variety and help finding the perfect spot for planting.

The Renee’s Garden catalog includes heirlooms, international hybrids and open-pollinated varieties of culinary herbs, rainbow vegetables and flowers. Because her mission is to help gardeners of all levels enjoy their gardening experience, she selects seeds that are easy to grow in all areas of the country.

One of Renee’s specialties is selecting flowers in complementary colors and then combining them into a packet of seeds to create instant bouquets, like the ‘Cha-Cha-Cha’ Butterfly Zinnias.

To help with small-space gardening, Renee’s offers many container and patio varieties of dwarf-size plants that grow full-size fruit and flowers. For example, ‘Sweetie Baby Romaine’ is a container romaine specially bred for its petite vase-shaped heads and crisp texture.

In addition to the full catalog, Renee’s Garden website offers ideas; photos; planting, growing, and cooking information; and a forum for feedback. Gardeners can follow along on Renee’s blog and sign up to receive a monthly e-newsletter. The website is easy to navigate and offers a complete Gardener’s Resources page.

Renee helps nonprofit organizations, like Plant a Row for the Hungry, by donating seed packets to help vegetable gardens get growing.


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