New Gardening Products from IGC Tradeshow

Welcome to the world’s largest tradeshow for Independent Garden Centers, also known as IGC in Chicago. For anyone who likes to garden, the array of new products is astounding.

The tradeshow takes place in the conference area along the Navy Pier, so it’s a beautiful location and the weather is  picture perfect.

Here are just a few of the fabulous new products gardeners can look forward to in 2013. I asked everyone I met if these products are either readily available or available for ordering online and was assured that if gardeners wanted them, they could find them right now.

I hope you’ll enjoy this small selection of what caught my eye in the new products section. It was hard to narrow the choices to just these five and there are hundreds of other booths to visit tomorrow on the gigantic tradeshow floor.

Organic Plant Magic is an all-purpose plant food that’s alive with beneficial organisms and bills itself as “the organic alternative to Miracle-Gro.” I talked with Kevin Richardson, managing member, who explained that Plant Magic is good for flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns and even indoor plants, too. More information on

I enjoyed meeting Joseph Masciovecchio, president of The Predator Preventer company and learned he invented this ingenious device that offers 24-hour protection from nuisance wildlife from rabbits to moose and even bears. Joseph says this solar-powered device has three layers of protection from pulsating deterrent lights that look like a larger predator’s eyes to high-power blinder lights and a high frequency alarm that’s safe for humans. Visit

I liked the Caterpillar Caddy a lot, especially when I found out it took a father-son collaboration to get it to market. The Caterpillar Caddy is an adorable way to store a self-coiling hose that provides 50 feet of easily accessible garden watering. It’s a whimsical and functional addition to the garden. Look for it on

Seedy Greetings are clever greeting cards from my friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library. This new product is a greeting card that includes an art pack of seeds on the inside. I liked the design and the fact the card is a way to share a message and a packet of heirloom seeds with a gardening friend. Check out the designs at

For something completely different, take a look at Wintercraft to create your  own round ice sculptures. These can be used to decorate the outside of the house with a warm candle glow in winter or use them for party decorations (or wine chillers). I’ve often admired ice sculptures featured in decorating magazines and Wintercraft makes it easy.  You can see more at

I’ll be sharing more from IGC in upcoming posts, so I hope you’ll keep checking in.


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Hi Jodi,

I look forward to updates on useful garden supplies.
On your advice I got the new and improved ezwalls.they are easy to fill and seem to be much taller compared to similar products.They worked great.I also got the grow bags that are like a 5′ diameter raised bed and both are producing well although
they seem to dry out fast.Here in Casper wy. it has been a great year for a garden,no grasshoppers,limited earwigs,no hail, warm nights and helpful neighbors.I grew cucumbers in a container and have had more than enough,but they are getting the powdery mildew.Can the soil in this container be thrown on the compost pile without spreading the disease next year.Can I spray it with sulphur first or some anti fungal before putting it on the pile.Its good soil and I don’t want to throw it out.I thought about just putting it on the yard but that would not be plan a.I really like your blog as it has much relevant advice for growing at high elevations.A few years ago there were many blogs on gardening at high elevations but most just seem to disappear.I used a raised bed container this year called the garden wizard.It is a little spendy about 160 bucks with shipping.It has water reservoirs in the walls that drain into leaky hose under the bed.It takes several days for the water to drain out.It worked really well.The plants there turned into a jungle but I wonder if this is not a plus for making the wind not a factor and increasing humidity for the tomato plants.
Best Regards
Jon Valenzuela

Hi Jon:

Thanks for your note and nice comments–I appreciated hearing from you. Do you know about Zone 4 Magazine? It’s a great resource for gardeners that grow in a tough climate–and there’s a free quarterly eNewsletter, too. (

As for your question about reusing the soil from your cucumber container. I recommend checking with you local County Extension Office to see what they say about recycling it.


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