Start the Gardening Season with the New Edition of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion

Colo Gardener's Comp 2nd Ed Final Cover 72ppi blog The second edition of my first book is ready in time for gardening season!

I worked over the winter months to fill this new edition with more of everything to help Colorado gardeners grow great gardens starting now.

The Denver Post newspaper calls the new edition of my gardening book an “an essential manual” for gardeners.

What’s new in edition two?

The new edition features a colorful cover image of one of my flowerbeds from last summer.

That image, taken by John Pendleton, shows off some of the annuals and perennials that grow in one of the hottest, driest parts of my backyard.

In addition to a new look, there’s more of everything else, too! Since the first edition was published in 2007, a lot has changed in the wonderful world of gardening.

So I updated all of the information, included new technologies, expanded plant lists, added new resources and included about nine more inspiring gardens to visit.

I also included more information on…

  • Xeriscaping
  • Growing vegetable gardens
  • Planting fruits
  • Gardening in shade

There’s great growing advice from experts like Penn Parmenter of Miss Penn’s Mountain Seeds about growing high-altitude vegetable gardens; Diana Capen from Perennial Favorites plant nursery sharing ten fool-proof perennials for Colorado gardens, Greg Foreman of Natives Among Us Landscaping providing xeriscaping tips, and Krystal Keistler-Hawley of Echter’s Nursery and Greenhouse explaining how to create colorful annual containers.

The Denver Post newspaper selected the first edition of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion as “one of the great regional gardening books for inspiration and information.”

When I mentioned the second edition was on its way, gardening editor Susan Clotfelter said, “The fact that you’ve updated “Companion” is important – everybody who moves here from out of state, or newly discovers gardening, should be REQUIRED to buy it and read it.”

The book is currently available through online booksellers like Amazon, and should be available in Colorado bookstores shortly.

I hope you’ll take a look at this new edition, and let me know what you think!


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“What are you most looking forward to this gardening season?”

The same things I look forward to every spring … getting my hands into the soil, watching things grow and reaping the end results of my efforts whether it’s something beautiful to look at or something yummy to eat!
By the way, generally speaking … no tomato (or bean or pepper) tastes better than the one I’ve grown myself!

Thank you for your insight! I’m so looking forward to this gardening season because my husband got me a greenhouse that we will build this year! I hope to extend my veggie & flower growing. I would love to win the book to help in my endeavors as I’ve only been gardening a couple of years and am not native to Colorado!

As always, I’m most looking forward to delicious heirloom tomatoes this gardening season. I’m also looking forward to becoming a better gardener and learning new techniques to keep pests away!

I am looking forward to planting a new veggie – skirret!

I am looking forward to ‘playing’ in the dirt! It give me great satisfaction to pull weeds, and plant vegatables and flowes.

I have many evergreen trees with brown tips from the early hard freeze last fall. Once the growing season starts, will I have to prune off the tips, or will they green up?

No one knows for sure what to expect and many trees along the Front Range will show some problems from the freeze last fall. The best approach to take is wait and see what happens when trees break dormancy this spring.

Looking forward to great veggies and flowers again this year.

I am looking forward to getting my new greenhouse up and running!

I have already started. The broccoli, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi starts are already out in the garden under hot caps. Tomato and pepper seeds being started in the basement under lights this weekend. What I look forward to the most…the harvest and sharing with friends and strangers.

Over the last few years I’ve been slowly adding more perennials to my garden beds. I’m looking forward to the addition of blackberries, asparagus and rhubarb to my backyard oasis this year!

This gardening season, I am looking forward to introducing my toddler to gardening and where food comes from, starting with strawberries and spinach. I am hoping showing him how food grows from the earth will be the start of lifelong healthy eating habits.

This year I am looking forward to increasing our Backyard Community Garden’s donations. Already have peas, beans, broccoli, lettuces’, spinach, radishes coming up!!
Our “neighbors” have already received chives, sage, oregano, wintered over carrots and beets.and a bumper crop of “organic” dandelions. 🙂
We want to beat last years donations of 986 lbs. to the local food bank. Our 1st year we donated 300 lbs.
We’re hoping for a donation of berry bushes and 2 fruit trees(peach & cherry)to the garden.

The first little sprouts coming through the lovingly tended dirt. And home grown tomatoes – boo! store-bought winter toms!

Looking forward to great veggies and flowers again this year.

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