New EZ Plant Protectors for Gardening

Even though my vegetable garden is covered with 15 inches of snow today, gardening season is just around the corner.

Gardeners who used plant protectors last gardening season outsmarted the rest of us who didn’t.

There was such a chilly start to last year’s vegetable gardening season, plant protectors helped gardeners in the long run.

If you want to get your garden going faster this year, there’s a new design in plant protection you might like to try that’s especially EZ.

In the past I’ve used plant protectors so I could plant earlier, but I disliked the process of setting up the plastic covers and filling them with water.

It’s downright uncomfortable to be standing in a cold garden with wet feet.

But  Debbie Shauer has invented a new product called EZ-walls Plant Protectors. Last year she sent me a free sample to try in my garden. I have to say it had me at how easy it was to fill with water.

The idea for the design came from Debbie’s own experience as a Colorado gardener using the typical season-extenders, but having trouble keeping them upright during windy weather.

After moving to Arizona and experiencing the same problem in winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour, she says she had enough.

“I told my husband, Don, that I had an idea and we brainstormed it,” she says. “We brainstormed something that closed at the top to keep the plant protector upright.”

Her husband’s engineering degree and background in plastics and automated process design came in handy to refine the EZ-wall design and get it into production.

The secret to the new design is these plant protectors have a single-fill tube with a drawstring at the top. To fill it, I placed the hose in the top tube access point, turned on the water, and watched the individual cells fill themselves. The EZ-walls took shape in about one minute.

Filling other plant protectors has been hard on my back while bending to fill individual cells with water and it’s messy work, but this clever design eliminates those challenges.

When I talked with Debbie last year she said she used the plant protectors in her unheated greenhouse when she planted lettuce, bok choi varieties, and peas in January.

“The EZ-walls act like an insulating blanket,” she says. All the plants are doing well and the corn is almost a foot high.”

EZ-walls plant protectors are available on Debbie’s website called The Ideal Garden Store website.



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can you supply ez-wall plant protectors

Hi There:

I don’t sell any gardening supplies; however, if you search online you should be able to find the Ez-Walls Plant Protectors for ordering.

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