Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces Class

My new Craftsy class has launched! Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small Space Solutions is designed to help gardeners at all skill levels find creative ways to make the most of their growing space.

Craftsy Vegetable Gardening ClassI’m so excited to introduce my new vegetable gardening class to you!

I’ve partnered with Craftsy, the online educational provider, to create a seven-part class on how to grow vegetables and herbs in small spaces.

This class is everything I’ve learned through trial and error on growing small-space vegetable gardens. After you finish the class, you’ll be able to grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs just about anywhere.


Learn how to assess the sunlight to find the best planting spot, discover the joys of growing in containers, find ways to grow up and use your vertical space, select the best vegetables and herbs for sunny and shady spots, apply methods to keep your vegetable garden happy and healthy, and find ways to grow fresh herbs indoors.

The class includes handouts with lots of extra information, including my recipes for planting theme gardens to stretch your culinary creativity.

When I signed on with Craftsy, I had other gardeners in mind. I like how gardeners can watch the video classes as many times as they want. Every class has helpful features like video notes and a 30-second repeat to make viewing easy.

I also appreciated that the classes are interactive. That means you can ask questions and get personal replies from me, as well as other gardeners.

Craftsy (and I) guarantee you’ll take away valuable information from the class or you can request a full refund.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this new, interactive way to learn how to grow a small-space vegetable garden and sign up today.

Of course, if you have any questions, please get in touch via Jodi at

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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Fantastic! Good Luck! I will be sure to share with our social media followers.

Thanks, Mike the Gardener! I appreciate your good wishes and help promoting the class.

Folks can get the class at a discount now–and watch it as many times as they want during the dark, cold days of winter.


Is ther a way other than a wire fence, which my HOA will not allow, to keep deer and rabbits out of my raised garden?

Hi Larry:

Thanks for your question. I turned to the great resources from CSU Extension to answer your question. Here’s some information that may be helpful: You could try odor repellents; however, many odor repellents are ineffective with rabbits, so read labels carefully before buying them. Something that works for deer may not work with rabbits. Some products are labeled for both. What works in one persons’ yard may not work in another person’s yard. Fencing with chicken wire fencing, hardware cloth or flexible netting at least two feet high, buried 4-8 inches under is fairly effective against rabbits. Deer can be prevented with fencing at least 8 feet high. Raised beds with hardware cloth (1/4” squares or less) tacked to the bottom can keep pocket gophers out of gardens. Encircle trees and shrubs with hardware cloth (buried an inch or two under the ground) to prevent voles from girdling the trees.

Here’s a link to a CSU Fact Sheet for Preventing deer damage

I hope there are some ideas here that might help. You could also try reaching the CSU master gardeners for your county through the CSU Extension website.


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