NASA Heliophysics Offers Stunning Sights

As gardeners, we depend on it, protect ourselves from it, and dismay when there’s not enough of it. But when do we really stop to appreciate the sun?

I spent a lot of time on Tuesday, June 5, thinking about the sun during the Venus Transit. Because I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the next viewing in 2117, I wanted to part of this rare astronomical event.

Thanks to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, I watched part of the transit through special solar telescopes. It was an amazing experience.

If you missed this transit–when Venus passed directly between the Earth and the sun–you might want to view NASA’s fantastic 3-minute video. It shows the planet as a small black dot traveling across the sun. NASA used its Solar Dynamics Observatory to capture the images. It’s stunning and mesmerizing.

It’s also a good reminder to slather on the sunscreen and celebrate the sun while gardening.


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