Name Your Top Herb for Gardening

If you could grow only one herb in your garden next season, what would it be?

My garden is planted with many kinds of herbs, but if I could only grow one it would have to be a good old-fashioned basil plant.

Basil is easy to grow from seed, grows well in container gardens or the garden bed and can be harvested throughout the season.

The basil I grew this year was…

added to green salads
snipped fresh for poaching fish
stuffed with goat cheese and pine nuts
sprinkled onto of veggie dishes
chopped into bruschetta
whirled into pesto
placed on a pizza
made into a blended butter
dried for winter and…
steeped in vodka for this tasty infusion:

Infused Basil Vodka


1 large bunch (or more) fresh basil leaves
1 (one) 750 ml vodka
large jar with lid


Wash and sort basil; discard any blemished leaves.
Place basil in a clean jar.
Fill jar with vodka and cover with lid.
Store jar in a cupboard or other cool, dry place.
Shake or stir contents every few days.
Allow to steep one week or longer.

When the basil vodka infusion is ready, remove the leaves from the vodka. Use a kitchen funnel to fill a decorative bottle (or the original vodka bottle) with the basil vodka and seal with a cork, screw-top lid or pour spout. Use instead of plain vodka for cocktails like a Bloody Mary or martini.

So, I’m interested to know…what’s your top herb for gardening?


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I’d pick parsley. I use it on potatoes, in salads and on sandwiches. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but I do use it a lot.

Thanks for letting me know parsley is at the top of your list…I heard from other gardeners who listed lemongrass and rosemary as their picks, too.

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