Name the Mystery Plant Gardening Contest

Welcome to Name That Plant–a weekly feature during the May Blogathon. Read the description, look for the clues and make your guess to be entered in a drawing to win a cool prize. The winner will be selected at random from the correct entries. Check back tomorrow when the plant’s identity will be revealed.

I planted this perennial shrub in my Zone 5 yard last summer and it’s now about 2 feet tall.

At maturity it will reach a height of 6 to 8 feet and will be 4 to 6 feet wide. Most gardeners grow this plant for its dark purple foliage and beautiful red hips that remain on the bush through fall and winter.

This hardy shrub will bloom May through June with pastel pink to white single, star-shaped blossoms. The delicate flowers are produced in clusters of two to five.

A species native to the mountains of central and southern Europe, it was introduced into England around 1830. It likes full sun to part shade and moderate to dry conditions. It will grow in Zones 3-9 (up to 9000 feet) in clay, sandy soil or loam.

The mature form of this shrub is upright with cinnamon-colored arching canes. It could be used in the landscape as border, a hedge or a single spectacular specimen in a Xeriscape.

Can you guess this mystery shrub?

Just write your guess in the comment section below and your name will be entered in a drawing to win something for the garden from aHa!ModernLiving. Contest restricted to U.S. and Canadian gardeners.


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A rose bush?

Viburnum Tinus?

Rosa glauca

Sounds like Redleaf rose (rosa glauca) from this year’s Plant Select.

Rosa glauca!

Agree w/Joan and Melissa G. Rosa glauca syn Rosa rubrifolia.

Thanks for the late entries–you’re right that it’s Rosa glauca.

I hope you’ll stop by next Thursday for the next Name that Plant contest.

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