My Garden is a Happy Home for Squirrels

A litter of four squirrels has found a happy home in my garden.

squirrel-kids-blogOne day John and I looked out the office window and saw a little squirrel head poking out of the opening of the wooden squirrel nesting box at the corner of the garden. Then another head poked through. And another. And then one more.

The squirrel box was one of the last projects my father-in-law made for me and he would be delighted to know that it’s made such a hospitable home for these four juvenile squirrels.

It’s so much fun to see them chase through the garden in the morning, jumping from the picket fence to the arbor and then playing hide-and-seek. We watch them from inside our house as they take turns at the squirrel feeder chomping furiously at sunflower seeds or hanging upside down at the “squirrel-proof” bird feeder. I love to watch them take long drinks at the birdbath.

These guys must nap together in the box during the day before they come back out in the late afternoon for one more forage before heading home for the night. Just last night we watched them come out of the box, one by one, and settle in on top as if to get a little fresh air on their patio.

If you’d like to add a squirrel nesting box to your yard, there are instructions for building one available on the Internet at


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Love the photo! My favourite thing is watching them bury nuts in the ground… they’re so focused on their task and they look so funny with their butts up in the air as they dig the hole, then patting the dirt down with their paws.

Love your story & I too love watching them. Is your nesting box on a wooden pole or tree. I’m building a nesting box, but I’m kind of worried about installing it onto a tree

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