Munich is Filled with Gardens and Biergartens

Today’s Gardens Around the Globe feature is a glimpse of Munich in September right before Oktoberfest. It seemed like everything was in full bloom from the flower stalls at the market to pocket gardens tucked here and there. Every window had a window box overflowing with color.

The Viktualienmarkt is an open-air market with the charm of an old country village.

The market consists of many small shops, each filled with specialty items like flowers,  fresh produce, meats, cheeses, coffee and fine wine. Little shops, like this one filled with crafts made of fresh and dried lavender, forced me to stop and smell the flowers.

One of the main features of the Viktualienmarkt is a tall maypole traditionally decorated with symbols that show which merchants are doing business in the market and what kind of crafts are on display there. In Munich, the maypole’s symbols show what beer is being served. Of course, the biergarten is close by.

I loved walking through the market right after it opened each morning, before the hustle-bustle began and when the light gave everything a special glow. These wreathes were made from fresh hops and were surprisingly fragrant. I stood here a long time wondering how to make a wreath from hops, because I heard they’re sticky and hard to work with. I also wondered how I could get one of these home, but then the aroma of fresh pastries pulled me away.

I spent a lot of time in this garden shop admiring all the fresh plants, flowers, bulbs, seed packets and garden tools. Just like at home.

Fresh flower stands like this one are a regular feature in cities all over Europe. I think the overcast sky and rain made the flowers look extra beautiful.

I spotted this garden as we walked to the Deutsches Museum. It was in the center of a traffic circle and had cobblestone paths leading through it.

It was easy to get lost in the colors, patterns and layers of this garden. It’s a beautiful design and uses the fountain as its centerpiece.

The flowers, colors and grasses were planted in a repeating pattern throughout the garden and I thought the All-American colors would make for a perfect patriotic display back home.


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