Mother’s Day Memories of Lee Bain Chiaro

This Snowball Bush was one of my mom’s favorite shrubs.

snowball-bush-blog1My mom wasn’t much of a gardener. In fact, while growing up I remember she had a hard time taking care of the plastic philodendron in the living room planter.

However, she sure did appreciate my gardening efforts and she was especially proud of the Snowball Bush in my backyard. She’d brag to her friends that I could grow a shrub as tall as a house.

I’m glad she had the chance to see my garden in full bloom in the spring of 2006. Spring was her favorite time of year and she loved sitting outside soaking up the sunshine and savoring the smell of lilacs. She also loved the taste of asparagus freshly picked from my garden.

Lee Bain Chiaro was a poet and she was thrilled in 2002 when I helped her publish a book of her poems called, “Of Things Unseen…and Other Poems.

Here’s one of the Love Lines from her book:

This moment Now
is all we own
of Life on earth
‘ere it has flown.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mutti. I’m still thinking of you.


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